Friday, April 17, 2009

Brightmore Reserve

Since the weather here is gorgeous and the Little Princess is still on school holiday we're cramming in as much kid focused fun as possible. My new friend, the fabulous Florida Girl in Sydney, told me about Brightmore Reserve so we decided to check it out today. This place is so cool! It's a bike trail designed for kids 10 and under, complete with round abouts, pedestrian crosswalks, and right hand turn lanes. It was crowded with little ones on all kinds of bikes, push cars, trikes and scooters. The kids had so much fun. And best of all, it's only a couple kilometers from our apartment.

When we got home, guess what was waiting for us at the front door?

Yep, the Little Buddy's balance bike, a JD Bug Trainer. He is so excited to head back to the bike park and try it out. I hope he doesn't try to imitate the crazy motor cross stunt guys we saw yesterday at the Easter Show!


Elsja said...

How cute is that little bike path? I love it!! Reminds me of the good ol' days on my pink big wheel! :)

MIchelle said...

That balance trainer looks awesome! It is a 'down under' product, right?

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

See, I'm so out of touch I'm just reading this! Had a great time seeing you guys today and so glad to hear you loved the bike park.

I've debated getting on of those bikes for the boys and never did it-- I still want one.

Speaking of bikes from the 80's -- dare I say Huffy banana seat?

Jenny said...

Elsja- What ever happened to Big Wheels? They were the best.

Michelle- I think they have them in the U.S too. Look for balance bike or training bike. Some are wood too.

FGIS- We can't wait to go to the bike park with you guys. And I remember banana seats, although I must admit I never had one. We were into "10 speeds".

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