Thursday, May 7, 2009

May the Force Be With You

Over the Easter holidays we got to hang out with every Star Wars geek in Sydney. They were all at the Powerhouse Museum for the big Star Wars exhibit. My kids like Star Wars, and since the Powerhouse claims to be the most hands-on museum in Sydney we decided to check it out.

The exhibit was packed with fans, young and old, crowding around to get a look at Chewbacca's costume or the Millennium Falcon. I didn't find it too exciting. I mean, what are Han Solo's pants without Harrison Ford in them? But my kids, and heaps of other people, were fascinated with all the movie memorabilia on display.

The real fun was in the museum itself.

There are several areas devoted just to kids. In Zoe's House they got to gear up and get to work hauling bricks, operating a crane, and building. Lucky for me, our session in Zoe's House was limited to 25 minutes. Otherwise my kids would've spent the whole day in there!

There's a great, inexpensive, kid friendly cafe at the museum. And right outside the cafe is this super cool climbing structure:

The museum also features a fun "Magic Garden" area with all kinds of electronic toys for the kids to try out. The Little Princess loved standing in front of the blue screen pretending to be on TV (of course). There is also an impressive train engine display and a giant clock that displays the 12 disciples slowly walking past Jesus on the hour. This was a big disappointment to my kids who were expecting a lot of action from a cuckoo clock of this size!

After several fun-filled hours at the museum the Little Buddy started to melt down and I knew it was time to head home. That's when the Little Princess convinced me we had to find the "Anti-Gravity" capsule because she has always wanted to know what it feels like to float in space. So we dragged ourselves to the back of the museum and crowded into the glass "Space Shuttle" while outer space rotated around us. The effect was dizzying and she quickly realized someone with her degree of motion sickness is not cut out for life in space!

I'm sorry to say that the Star Wars exhibit is now closed. But the rest of the museum is definitely worth the trip. I'm sure we'll be back!


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Sounds like a great place for the kids! I went for the Princess Di exhibit and didn't see any stuff for kids-- I must have been oblivious or blocking it out on purpose?

Teresi Family Oz Blog said...
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Teresi Family Oz Blog said...

Mitch loves the Powerhouse - we should all meet up there with the kids one weekend.

Laurie said...

We visited the Powerhouse Museum today! My 3 boys are HUGE Harry Potter fans and the Harry Potter Exhibit is there this month! The exhibit was fantastic! Although, I guess it's pretty odd that our first stop on our first day in the city was the H.P. Exhibit rather than the Circular Quay or the Opera House or the zoo. But it was a great day!

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