Monday, April 19, 2010

The Penguin Parade

After touring Melbourne we headed east to Phillip Island. It is an easy 2 hour drive. Our main goal was to see the Little Penguins- and the tour was one of the highlights of our trip. There is no photography allowed because apparently the penguins get freaked out by the paparazzi. So here are a couple pics I found online that show how cute these little fellas are.

The photo above shows the viewing area where we were seated for the Penguins Plus tour. We were right in the front corner, just a couple feet away from the sand. We could not have had a better view of the Little Penguins as they marched up the sand and stopped to preen themselves right in front of us!

It was pretty late night for the kids, and the Little Buddy entered full meltdown mode which was only calmed by purchasing the very last tub of popcorn at the concession stand. He refused to share even one stale kernel with his poor sister.

On the way out we spotted this sign. You can be sure we all looked under the car twice to be sure it was clear before taking off.

We loved the Penguin Parade experience. Definitely not to be missed- you'll never see anything like it in the Northern Hemisphere!

1 comment:

Robot Dad said...

I tried to take one of the Little Buddy's popcorn kernels. Big mistake.

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