Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On With The Show

I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled blogging about our awesome family holiday last week to tell you to rush out to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It ends this week- don't miss it! More on our holiday to come soon . . .

Call it a blogging milestone. I received my first freebie through this blog. And let me say- it was a really good freebie: a family 4 pack of tickets to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

We decided to head out in the afternoon to avoid the heat of the day and, as an added bonus, I think we also avoided the really big crowds. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is like an American County fair on steroids. It's huge! The Show (as it is affectionately called by Sydneysiders) is held at Sydney Olympic Park. There is a kiddie carnival area, a huge coca-cola carnival area, plenty of farm animals on exhibit, arts & crafts, a main arena and of course food, food, food.

The kids loved the kiddie carnival rides and the fairy floss (cotton candy). We walked through exhibits of pigs (some as big as 400 kgs!), goats and cows, skillfully dodging the stray piles of dung waiting to be removed. We were disappointed that we missed the world's tallest horse who had to leave The Show early for some undisclosed reason. The farmyard nursery was one of our favorite stops. Feeding the lambs and the goats, seeing little chicks just hatched from eggs, patting the puppies. So much fun!

On our hunt for the Showbags we stumbled upon an exhibit featuring the most amazing decorated cakes! There were cakes that looked like horse heads, babies, Alice in Wonderland, and even a bottle of pills for facebook addicts. Too funny!

We stopped for food and the kids were thrilled to discover Dagwood Dogs- the first corndog we've seen in Oz. I was equally thrilled to find a burger from one of my favorite restaurants- Ribs & Rumps. Yummm!

We finally found the Showbag hall and it was like walking into goodie bag heaven. There is no American equivalent to the Showbag. There are showbags filled with candy, toys, magazines, even dairy products and soft drinks. The Little Buddy picked a Go Diego Go Showbag filled with a backpack, lunchbox, vest, hat and stickers. This stuff is big with the preschool crowd! The Little Princess chose the Girl Power Showbag, stuffed with pre-teen magazines, lip balm and keychains. It was like Christmas all over again.

After securing the Showbags,we made our way to the main arena where we watched a bit of a polo match and saw the giant robotic dinosaur blow fire and eat cars. Who thinks of this stuff? The night ended with a fabulous fireworks display and laser show.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is definitely an event not to be missed. But you'll have to hurry if you want to get there this year. The Show ends April 14th. And if you do miss it, there's always next year.


Robot Dad said...

The giant car-eating, fire breathing robot dinosaur was my favorite part.

Mikki said...

Reid if I were there I'd be eating a corndog with you and Kate you look very stylish with your showbag. Sis you look so happy with your burger. Looks like you all had a blast!

sarahdee said...

OMG! The car eating dinosaur! Charlie would be so jealous...we have to watch YouTube videos of that thing over and over. And after that he has to reinact it with his cars.

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