Friday, January 22, 2010

Art for Everyone

It was hot, hot, hot today in Sydney. Since we were in the city and needed a cool place to hang out we decided to hit the Museum of Contemporary Art. My kids love that place.

The Little Princess had fun completing the "Kids Aventure Trail" activities and the Little Buddy surprised us by remembering several of the exhibits we saw when we were last there a few months ago. We were all sad that the "rain room" exhibit was gone, but none of us felt sad that the strange plastic patio furniture display had been replaced by some really interesting modern aboriginal art.
Of course, there was some creepy stuff, like a series of photos showing people in black KluKluxKlan like hoods.
Our very favorite exhibit was the one we nicknamed "the ghost train". We watched it over and over and were all fascinated by this image of a train moving down the tracks and then seeming to disappear right into the wall. Very cool!
Not only is the MCA air conditioned, but admission is free. It's the perfect place to spend a few hours on a hot summer day.

*Photo of the MCA taken during the Sydney Luminous Festival last winter.

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Kristi said...

Thank you for that link, I enjoyed reading that post. Congratulations on the little one starting preschool. I will need therapy when that happens, I am very attached to my baby.

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