Friday, January 29, 2010

The First Day- Take Two

I love the first day of school. I love the new supplies, the fresh clothes, the eager faces, and the excitement of having a new class. It's the teacher in me, I guess.

So, I was a bit let down by the way the first day of school unfolded for the Little Princess yesterday. First of all, we never got a school supply list so there was no big shopping trip to pick out fresh crayons and textas (that's Aussie for markers). Instead she took her old pencil case from last year. I did buy her new uniforms in the next size but they were too big so I decided just to let the hem out on her old ones. So no fun mother-daughter school clothes and school supplies shopping day.

Nevertheless, she was so thrilled to be starting year 2. She woke up early, got herself all ready had a huge smile on her face when she saw many friends waiting in the COLA (covered outdoor learning area). Unlike our American school, we didn't find out which class she was assigned to. Instead, all the kids line up with their previous teacher and go to their old classroom first thing in the morning. Then, at some point in the morning, they were assigned and moved to the new classroom.

I was eager to hear all about her day, so I waited for her after school. She came bounding out, telling me about how her BFF is in her class and so are several other dear friends. She told me her teacher's name and then bolted off to play with the other kids.

I fished through her backpack, looking for the typical (American) packet of back-to-school paperwork but came up empty handed. Nothing. No note from the teacher, no supply list, no forms to fill out, nothing that shows which classroom she is in or how to spell the teacher's name.

When I asked her about her day here's what I got:
"Tuesday is sport day, Mondays we go to swimming, we have a smart board in our class, we share a room with another class, and we can bring sliced apples into the room to eat while we work." Huh? That's it?

I'm hoping (but not necessarily expecting) to get more information today. This is Australia and as they say, she'll be right. I guess.


Cristina Bras said...

She'll be alright MATE!

Nana said...

In the land down under, it seems it really is "no worries".

Kristi said...

She looks perfect! I would be sad about missing out on the new school clothing and supplies shopping trip, that was always the best part of starting a new school year.

Michael J Kenney said...

I can SO relate to this. I was emailing the school for class assignment / supplies list before Reagan started kindergarten and never got anything. Don't they understand how much fun school supplies shopping is?! :-)

rachelcrocker said...

cracking up... we moved to australia 7 months ago and had our first first day experience at an australian school - I had the dates wrong and the lack of information about the first day was a shocker for an american mom used to having a class list, school supply list and a walk through of the classroom the week before school starts. I've got a new blog also -
rachel crocker

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