Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This weekend we had our first Australian getaway. We headed to Port Stephens for a 3 days to wrap up the end of the 2+ week school Easter holiday.

We arrived mid-day Saturday and decided to take a bushwalk to the Tomaree Head Lookout. Hiking seems like more fun when it is called a "bushwalk." The views from the top were stunning. I am constantly amazed with the beauty of this country.

Later we hung out by the pool at the Shoal Bay Resort which was great for the kids. The Little Princess swam like a fish and the Little Buddy played in the sand and wading area. The grownups were able to lounge around and relax. Perfect!

Sunday our plans to tour the dunes and go sand boarding were derailed by high winds. Hopefully we will find out way back to Port Stephens at some point so we can experience the dunes up close. But we did drive out to have a quick look.

Yes, those are camels. Some people were willing to brave 70mph winds to take a 20 minute camel ride in the sand. Something tells me that is a bad idea.

Before we left on Monday we headed over to the Tilligerry Habitat State Reserve to try to spot a koala in the wild. We were unsuccessful, but everyone seemed to enjoy the bushwalk anyway.

And I'm happy to report that no animals were harmed during our weekend getaway.


Currently Untitled said...

hiking sounds hard, bushwalking doesn't. at least that's my logic!

also with bushwalking you can sound really Australian and say "going bush" while saying "going hike" just sounds weird lol

Dina said...

We missed the camels when we were in Port Stephens!! I didn't even know they had them. I just knew about the ones in the northern states.

Nana said...

What fun adventures all of you are having! The Shoal Bay area looks beautiful and the water so clear. Glad you all enjoyed your holiday. I like the phrase, Bushwalk.

Kate said...

Wow those are some great pictures, Port Stephens looks beautiful! Thanks for your Internet sympathy; it's a daily stress for me :/

Teresi Family Oz Blog said...

With all these blogs featuring Port Stevens I think I'm going to have to take the family on a road trip looks like a good time.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

So cool that you guys got to go. Wanna know how the Shoal Bay Resort was. See you Saturday!

Erin said...

I have been wanting to do the quad biking on the dunes for years. It is certainly on my 'to do' list in the not too distant future. Like you, I am yearning to catch a glimpse of a koala in the wild... and after all these years I still haven't! Glad Port Stephens was lovely! The photos look wonderful!

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