Monday, September 20, 2010

Palm Beach

Saturday was gorgeous here in Sydney and we decided to take advantage of it and head out for a family bushwalk.  It was our first outdoor adventure since the little guy was born 6 weeks ago, and it went surprisingly smoothly!

Our destination:  Palm Beach to climb up to the Barrenjeoy Lighthouse.  The walk was pretty short, but consisted mostly of steep rock stairs.  Not the easiest thing to navigate while wearing a Baby Bjorn.  But the views from the top were certainly worth it!

Palm Beach is so beautiful, and it seems so Australian.  It's not crowded, there are whales and dolphins just off shore, and the sand is amazingly soft. 

I'm convinced that Sydney must have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Palm Beach is one of them.


Kristi said...

you look good with three. xo.

Anonymous said...

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emonaco said...

I still have your ergo! Are you ready for it yet because I can bring it by ASAP. I completely forgot until I saw you with the bjorn on.

Michael Maloney said...

Kudos to you! I can't imagine attempting a bushwalk with a newborn with me, as much as I love nature especially in the Palm Beach area… But then again, at my age, most places in Australia are a little harrowing for me as it is! I'll stick to leisurely bike rides thank you!

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