Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Port Douglas and The Great Barrier Reef

Highlights from our recent holiday with Nana and Papa.

We sailed aboard this:

To this:

Spent some time on beautiful 4 Mile Beach doing this:

Cruised the Daintree River where we spotted this:

and swam in this:

Took a ride on this:
Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

To the village of Kuranda

Where we saw this:

At the Butterfly Sanctuary

And we all enjoyed this:
(Yes, even me- who hates birds)
Rainforest Habitat breakfast with the birds

Tropical far north Queensland.
Beautiful holiday with people I love.


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I'm combing your blog looking for a post about the Family Fun Run-- I guess you haven't done one? I'm making an annual calendar of events in Sydney with links to friends blog posts about them, so I'll be going through and seeing what you've done since you've been here. Did that make any sense??

Tracy P. said...

How beautiful and fun! Now there's a place I would love to visit. Thanks for stopping by for fix-it Friday--glad I could help with the iphoto. I so often feel guilty for not being a little bit more diligent in photoshop.

One cool thing though--did you know that you can switch your preferences on iPhoto so that with two quick clicks you can be in iPhoto and then switch to photoshop? It makes it more accessible if there's something you can't do in iPhoto that you know you could do with photoshop.

Tracy P. said...

Oh, and not just photoshop, but any editing program.

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