Friday, October 2, 2009

Stick Out Your Tongue and Say "Cheese"

Our family has been blessed with some wonderful friendships here in Australia. It is, I believe, one of the main reasons we have had such an easy adjustment to this life Down Under.

Seven months ago, on the Little Princess's first day of school, I met two women who have become quite dear to me. All three of us have 6 year old daughters, and (for the next month anyway) all three of us have 3 year old sons. These boys have become the Little Buddy's very best mates. And I am so thankful to have them in our lives.

In honor of the Little Buddy's 3rd birthday my friend arranged for the boys to have a photo taken with the giraffes at Taronga Zoo. If you know us in real life you know how the Little Buddy loves his giraffes! It was such a thoughtful birthday gift. I'm so glad we'll always have these photos to remember these precious friends we found here in Australia.


Teresi Family Oz Blog said...

Cute cute cute - what a great photo!

Kristi said...

Melt. Happy Birthday little guy, and happy celebrating Mama.

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