Tuesday, August 25, 2009

South Head Cliffwalk

A couple weeks ago my darling husband had a birthday and in desperation I bought a selection of bushwalking guidebooks to present to him as gifts. (He's so hard to buy for). They turned out to be very well received. He and the Little Princess have spent hours pouring over the books choosing our next family adventure.

One of the most beautiful walks we've done is the South Head cliff walk. Truth be told, we didn't get this one from the books, but from my awesome Aussie friend. The view from the cliff was breathtaking and I was thankful that there was a guard rail separating us from the huge cliffs.

The walk winds its way down to Watson's Bay where we enjoyed fish and chips at the famous Doyle's. There was also a big playground for the kids to run around on.
This was an awesome family walk, one we will definitely do again. That is, it we can get through the other 85 walks in our new guide books before we leave Australia!


Kristi said...

That looks so amazing, I find it so cool that your daughter is so interested in getting into nature. The ergo is part of our family too!

Jenny said...

Kristi- Isn't that Ergo the best? Yes, we love that our daughter has become a nature buff and a fitness buff since arriving in Oz.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I think that's my new favorite cliff walk! We took the kids there to ride bikes and scooters and kick the ball around-- so gorgeous.

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