Saturday, August 8, 2009

Top Ten

Things I love about living in Sydney:

10. The active outdoor lifestyle. People here are somewhat obsessed with physical activity. Every morning I see people running, boxing, doing yoga on the beach and swimming in the harbour for exercise. I can't say it has really rubbed off on me yet, but I'm thinking about joining the craze.

9. I live just a couple km from the amazing Taronga Zoo and get to go every week with my wonderful new friends. I've become very well acquainted with many animals I didn't even know existed 6 months ago.

8. I love the charming village feel of my suburb. I buy meat from the butcher, bread from the bakery, and fresh flowers at the shop on the corner. Lots of people walking around. It's bustling and busy in a very pleasant way.

7. There is always something to do- a festival or fair, a bushwalk or a scenic hike. You could easily do something different every weekend. It's never boring. In fact, today there is a food and wine festival going on right across the street.

6. The weather is beautiful (today). I love the crisp, cool weather of winter.

5. The people are warm, friendly and interesting. This goes for the Australians and all the Americans and New Zealanders I've met here, too. Perfect example: Just today a man in a suit and tie got out of his Range Rover at the 7-11 to see if I needed help putting air in the tires of my stroller. So nice! That's just the way people are here, so willing to help out.

4. The city itself is clean, safe, family friendly and fun. I'm not the least bit afraid to take the kids into the city by myself to check out a museum or explore some landmark.

3. Stunning natural beauty. Everywhere you look the view is breathtaking.

2. Great public transportation. Riding the ferry across Sydney Harbour sure beats sitting in traffic!

1. My front door is 50 yards from one of the most gorgeous beaches around. We can visit a coffee kiosk, stroll the boardwalk, play at the park, explore Rocky Point Island and watch as people get married at the Rotunda. It's a once in a lifetime "lifestyle" experience and I LOVE it!


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

That's all great stuff and I guess you're even luckier than most that you haven't found it difficult or been terribly homesick-- makes it even better I'm sure!

Cristina Bras said...

You are dead on in your summary. It's been great getting to know this great city with you and your family. Cheers!!!

Kristi said...

Sydney sounds great, you are lucky to be in such a great area. I still find it hard to go to so many places for my meat, bread, and cheese.

suzinoz said...

So glad you are enjoying yourself here. I love Australia for many of the same reasons!

Anonymous said...

Mum you are forgeting something that thing is all the placeis we get to go to. cool!

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