Saturday, August 15, 2009

Godzilla Encounter

This morning we set off on another family bushwalk. The Little Princess chose the America Bay track from our new bushwalking guidebook.

It's about a 20 km drive to a national park area in Sydney's northern beaches. As we got closer we started seeing signs cautioning us to lookout for wildlife on the road. Kangaroos, koalas, and even endangered bandicoots could dart in front of our car at any moment so we had to be extremely cautious. (Can you imagine the trauma our children would suffer if we were to run over an endangered bandicoot? It would be unbearable!)

We didn't see any wildlife on the road, but we encountered a Godzilla like lizard on the track. This bad boy was at least 3 feet long! He was right on the path as we approached the lookout at the end of the track!

That is a serious Aussie lizard! Spotting him was a definite highlight of the bushwalk but we also got to see Aboriginal engravings, a beautiful creek with little waterfalls, and tadpoles- some as big as softballs!

And of course, the obligatory stunning view:

Hiking the America Bay Track was an awesome family adventure, even if we never did see an endangered bandicoot.


Robot Dad said...

I was the first to spot the giant lizard... and let me tell you, it was a bit startling. It was right out on the trail about five feet away. It's the biggest lizard I've ever seen in the wild.

I'm just glad it didn't eat Reid.

Anonymous said...

That was ween we saw that gona [lizard]. love it!

lilDdownunder said...

Yeah, Goana...those things are scary! Wasn't it a beautiful weekend? I can't get over the great weather here this past week, especially from Thursday onwards.

Kathy said...

All of these hikes make the waterfalls at Wildwood seem so ordinary. Looks like a great time... that is quite a lizard.

AKenney said...

If I saw that thing in the wild, it would give me serious oogies. Mostly because it's in a tree and might fall on me at any moment. Much better if it was on the road.

MKenney said...

"Small dinosaur" seems a more fitting description. WOW!

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