Monday, May 25, 2009

Who Would've Thought . . . It Figures

It's been 6 weeks since I became the owner of a shiny new Toyota Kluger and well, she wasn't looking so shiny any more. And, since my mom is coming to Sydney tomorrow (woo-hoo) I figured it was time to try out the local Crystal Car Wash.

$42.75 later ($40 for the car wash and $2.75 for a M&M biscuit that the Little Buddy promptly gnawed the M&Ms off of) I left feeling a little ripped off.

It's not just that the car wash here is nearly 4X the price of a good car wash in SoCal. It's that I didn't even get Armor All on the tyres or that overpowering "new car" scent sprayed inside.

The good news: This is Australia so the guys with the chamois don't expect a tip.

The bad news: Looks like it's gonna rain again.

It figures.


Melissa said...

So did it rain yet? :-)

and ha - my word verification code is "drench"!

Jenny said...

Yes, it poured yesterday. Too funny about the word verification!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mum that is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Well, some things are the same all over the world. Wash your car... a downpour starts.

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