Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

I spent my childhood in small town Wisconsin where they really know how to celebrate Independence Day. Everyone- the whole town- would head down to Riverside Park for a boat parade, food, fun, and of course, fireworks. We'd dress up in red, white and blue and wave little flags around. One year my friend Laurie and I dressed alike in matching blue pedal pushers, red shirts and sailor hats. (Mom- you must have a photo of that somewhere!) After the fireworks, we'd go home to our own little show, with Chinese Lanterns, Firecrackers, Sparklers and those little black snakes that grew mysteriously when lit. We'd hear neighbor kids setting off bottle rockets late into the night. It was just how you would picture the 4th of July in small town middle America, and it was perfect.

When my own kids were old enough we had a few traditions of our own in California- pool parties, BBQs, fireworks and an annual bike parade through town.

This year, for the first time in my life, I am not in the USA for the 4th. And even though there were no parades and no big fireworks shows we did celebrate in our own little way. I cooked up some ribs in the crock pot and then we went down to the beach to light sparklers (which they sell in the grocery store here). The Little Princess wore red, white and blue. And we all celebrated America- our home sweet home.


Mimi and Joe said...

That was a little sad :(

We didn't celebrate it at all - I tried to not even think about it. We are still in our serviced apartment in the CBD trying to get eveything sorted so I am trying to push thoughts of home far far away!!!

I'm glad you had a good day here though!

Freckles said...

That was a great day I wish it could happen all over again! :D

Freckles said...
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