Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Night Noodle Markets

There is always a festival going on somewhere in Sydney.  The latest was the Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park.  Nana and I were feeling adventurous so we dragged all three kiddos down there to check it out.

It was packed!  A little too crowded for comfort- especially since we had a 10 week old in a pram (what was I thinking?).  The park was lined with food tents hawking all sorts of Asian goodies.  We found the shortest line and gobbled up some kind of tasty meat on a stick.  We also managed to find an ice cream tent and caught a glimpse of some Japanese dancers on the stage.

We quickly gave up on our adventure and headed back through the park.  On the way out we spotted Mr. Incredibubble.  He was incredible- check out the size of that bubble.  Definitely the highlight of the night as far as the kiddos were concerned.

Meat on a stick and giant bubbles- what more could a kid want?


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