Thursday, November 4, 2010

Left Behind

So we have embarked on our first holiday as a family of five.  I successfully packed up everything we would need for our week in New Zealand, we loaded everyone in the car and headed to the airport right on schedule.

We made it through check in with a trolley stacked 6 feet high with suitcases and car seats.  The friendly agent informed us that Air New Zealand would not gate check our stroller and we'd have to leave it at the oversized baggage check. 

So we trekked through the airport weighted down with 100 lbs of carry on baggage, toting the baby in his capsule, and pulling the Little Buddy on his trunkie.  At least the Little Princess was able to manage her bag on her own!

Finally, we pre-boarded and settled in for our quick 2.5 hour flight. 

About an hour into the flight, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I realized that the Little Buddy's beloved giraffe blankies were sitting on the seat of our car in the Sydney airport.

I am officially out of the running for that Mother of the Year Award.

As expected, there were lots of tears when bed time rolled around and he realized he would have to sleep without his lovies.  We devised a makeshift one out of a baby blanket, but it's just not the same.  So, as a tribute to the giraffes, here are some photos of the Little Buddy and his lovies over the years.

 As a newborn

Baby Buddy

Toddler Buddy

Giraffe at Disneyland

Giraffe in Business Class

Giraffe on the Sydney Ferry

Giraffe in Shoal Bay

Giraffe on the way to the Great Barrier Reef

 Giraffe poolside on Hamilton Island

Giraffe comforting the middle child

 Sleepy giraffe

A giraffe cuddle

Giraffe jammies

This little boy is going to be very happy when they are reunited next week!


Kathy said...

I think we all miss the little buddy as much as he misses his giraffe. Those pictures are the best. Let's just hope that one day you can write a blog with the same title, only this time he's leaving for college and choosing to leave his lovie behind.

Jenny said...

Kathy- miss you, too! Hard to think about him going off to college someday (so Toy Story 3). I'll be the one crying then, for sure!

Cristina Bras said...

Please tell him that we think he is such a brave fella!!! Maybe he can get a kiwi or lamb while in NZ. Not the same, but a new friend for his giraffes.

Cristina Bras said...

ps. You are still a GREAT mother!!!

Alli said...

Jenny, I can not wait to hear about NZ, we are thinking of going there soon and I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Jenny said...

Yes! We got a kiwi today as a stand in lovie till we get home. :)

A Cajun Down Under said...

Awwww... I remember carting my daughters lovie across the world only to leave him in the trolley at Sydney airport on the way home.

Enjoy NZ!

Kristi said...

oh this reminds me of tate. he has a onesie that he has slept with since he was three months old. i mean it looks like a rag now but oh he loves that thing, missing snaps and all.

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