Sunday, July 3, 2011


Last week I had a birthday.  A milestone birthday. 
Yes, that one. 
To mark the occasion I decided to get myself a gift.

I first read about it at Simple Mom and knew I had to have one for myself.

The format of the book is so clever.  I love the way it chronicles your life for 5 years and allows you to easily look back and see what you were doing exactly one year ago.  Some people have suggested occasionally having your children write in the journal to record what their handwriting looked like.  The one line a day format is not intimidating- I think I'll actually be able to keep up with this journal.  I'm looking forward to recording all my adventures in its pages.

I love this little journal so much I decided to gift it to my children's teachers and coaches as a way to say thank you to them before our big move.  A little kraft paper and a strip of printed map made for pretty wrapping.

I hope the recipients love this little journal as much as I do.

xx  Jenny


Paula said...

What a great idea. I've been doing something very similar with my family on just a piece of 4x6 note card paper. I put the month and day on the top of the card (so I'll have 365 cards) and then each day I write the current year and a little something about what happened. Depending on how much I write I should be able to get about 4-5 years on each card. I happened to have the perfect size wooden box to hold all those cards. I know it will be a great keepsake for not only me, but my boys as well.
Your book idea would have been much easier though. :) In fact, my brother just graduated from high school and I think I'll order him one for college. What a fabulous idea. Thanks!

Jenny said...

Thanks, Paula! I bet your family will enjoy looking back at the memories you've recorded on the cards. What a great way to capture all those little moments we want to remember! xx

American in Bath said...

I hadn't realized these were about. I still think I'd manage not to write in it, but it is definitely one of the things I will keep in mind as gifts for others.

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