Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today marks six months since we left Australia.  And the truth is, I still think about it every single day.  I miss the beach, and my apartment.  I miss our friends and the stunning natural beauty.  I miss the sunshine, and the harbour.

Our last family photo in front of our apartment.  On our way to the airport. 3 July 2011
And even though I am happy with the decision we made to move to the UK, there have been times when my husband and I have asked ourselves, "Why did we ever leave Australia?"

When we first considered moving to the UK I wondered if having a second expat experience would in some way diminish my memories of Australia.  I can now answer definitively-no, it will not.  No matter how many places I live or how much I travel, I will always look back on our time in Australia as sort of magical. 

It really is a "Lucky Country" and I feel lucky to have called it home for over two years.


Laurie said...

You may remember me from a comment a few months back. I stumbled upon your blog when my family was given the option of an expat experience in Sydney. Hours and hours of reading your blog convinced me that we had to go. Well, we did it! I just finished my first week in Oz! We are renting a home in Killara. We got here just in time to see the New Year's Eve fireworks. We've already spent a day at the beach and we spent most of today in Darling Harbor. It is not easy getting settled in (getting a car, getting appliances and rental furniture, getting a phone...), but we are getting there. This place is amazing and I don't know if we would have made this choice without you. Thank you for your blog!

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad you decided to give Australia a go. All the hassle of getting settled will be worth it. And you've arrived at the perfect time of year to enjoy beautiful Sydney. When you feel frustrated by the slow service or the "she'll be right attitude" just remind yourself- YOU"RE IN AUSTRALIA! Enjoy it! xxx

Robyn said...

6 months-still early days to settle in-i've been away from scotland for over 7 years-and i do miss it-always-but this is my life for now and i wouldn't change it.

thank you for visiting my blog and for being my newest follower

ElizabethM said...

We miss you too! And now, my time has come to say goodbye as well. I will always look back fondly on my time in this fabulous place...

Jeanne @ Collage of Life said...

Hi Jenny

I know this feeling so well...I would be interested to hear what you think six months on. I have theories on all of this...the amount of time it takes to settle in each new country, for you , the kids.. Are you still in the UK?
As you saw from one of my blogs..we are about to leave the UK for Vietnam. We lived in Oz for 10 years, had two of our four children there and became citizens along the way. We are American as well. If ever you want to 'chat' about expat life...of the longer term variety, feel free to write to me... jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com

Best wishes and thanks for following my Expat Diary blog..

Jeanne xxx

amandaraehen said...

My husband and I moved to Melbourne almost two years ago and we plan to stay for more than four years. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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