Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waiting for Dessert

I had a nice conversation with one of my very best friends back in the U.S. last week. We chatted about the upcoming birth of my baby and about how strange it is to be delivering in another country without all the familiar comforts of home. She was so reassuring and I know she is excited for me, too. She shared a lovely analogy about having three children that really fits how I'm feeling about this baby.

When you get married, it is just expected that you will have two children. It's like lunch and dinner. You wait for them to come along at regular intervals. You enjoy them. They are satisfying.

Lunch 2003

Dinner 2006

And then there's baby number three- dessert. You don't necessarily expect it. You don't need to have it. It's just a treat. An added bonus that you have just because it brings you so much joy.

And so we're waiting on dessert. Tomorrow we'll hold our new baby in our arms and enjoy all the sweetness that this new life will bring to our family.


Monique said...

How exciting - best of luck to you :)

Danielle said...

BEST of luck for tomorrow on the arrival of your dessert - what a great analogy!!

Sarah Stewart said...

What a very lovely analogy! We swing between sticking with 2 and going for 3...... decisions, decisions.... Enjoy. What exciting times. :)

Kathy said...

You made me cry on this very exciting day for you. I'm so sad I won't be able to hug and hold your new bundle of joy, but am so very excited for you and your family. Hugs and Kisses to everyone. Can't wait to hear from you! Missing you a lot, but you are always in my thoughts.

Mikki said...

This was so touching. Can't wait to see you all and enjoy a little dessert!

MIchelle said...

Welcome to the world Little One! The analogy is so sweet (no pun intended!)

Looking forward to seeing pix of all of you and hearing about the differences between US OB medical care & your Aussie experience.

Kristi said...

i love this. i think we are done at two littles, but if it happened, it would be delicious.

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