Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Princess in THE HOUSE

Yes, that house.

Way back in February, the Little Princess decided she wanted to join the Australian Girls Choir.  But, like most things in Australia, there was a waiting list.  (Have I mentioned the waiting list issue before? Waiting lists for playgroups, waiting lists for preschools, waiting lists for sports classes, waiting lists for doctors and so on and so on and so on). 

So we waited.  For months.  And finally they called.  So for the past 2 terms, the Little Princess has been singing her heart out every Saturday morning in preparation for the big Annual Concert.  At the Sydney Opera House- in the Concert Hall no less.

She dreams of being a pop star someday and who knows if that dream will ever come true.  But she sang on stage at the Opera House- and that's more than most wanna-be pop stars can say.

It was a day she'll never forget.  And neither will I. 


Kathy said...

That last picture is awesome!

Nana said...

She sure is spreading her wings.

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