Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scratch Scratch Scratch

I taught elementary school in California for nearly 10 years and in all that time only encountered head lice twice. I've been living in Australia for 13 months, and have become very closely acquainted with these little buggers! It's some kind of an epidemic here. My kids have grown accustomed to me picking through their hair one strand at a time, sitting endlessly while I apply every lice buster solution known to man. It is really so tedious!

So when my own scalp started to itch I knew I could have a problem on my hands. Now let me back up and say that as much as I love my darling husband he does have one shortfall. He can never find anything. He is always searching for his sunglasses, his wallet, his key card, etc. Often these items are in plain sight. When I showed him our son's class picture, he couldn't find the Little Buddy in the photo. This man is really not the person I would trust to literally go through my hair with a fine tooth comb looking for teeny tiny nits. (And I'm sure it is a responsibility he doesn't particularly want to have anyway)!

Which brings me to this morning. I was having morning tea with two lovely friends. When I mentioned my fear about my possible infestation guess what they did? That's right- with absolutely no hesitation these two women started searching, combing, picking through my hair.

It is a really awesome feeling to know that I have such good friends here in Australia. Because there are times in your life when you really need a good friend.

Thanks ladies! Love ya!


Robot Dad said...

Two questions:

1. Have you seen my sunglasses?
2. Did they find anything?

Because if they did, I may have to sleep in guest room for a while.

Jenny said...

I think you're safe in our room. :)

Nana said...

Oh you little monkeys are so funny!

Kristi said...

Sighs for head lice have been posted at Quinn's school twice, and we have escaped it both times. Happy Mother's Day Jenny.

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