Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Because

The first words out of the Little Buddy's mouth this morning were "Am I going to school today?" When I answered "No" a huge smile of relief spread across his face.
His next question for me: "Is it Just Because I Love You day?"
What could I say? "Yes, it is."
And he ran off to make me something special. Just because he loves me.

What a wonderful start to my day.
And then he asked his sister to make something special for him. Just because she loves him too.


Nana said...

So beautiful, what can you say to that...Love is in the air

Sarah Stewart said...

What lovely things to hear from some of your favourite people! x

Kristi said...

i am totally smiling because he is so cute and because he is in christmas pajamas.

Mike Kenney said...

I like knowing that we're not the only family with kids still wearing Christmas jammies in June. :-)

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