Friday, June 4, 2010

Boy Stuff

It's been a big week for the Little Buddy.
He got his first buzz cut. (see previous post regarding head lice)
It makes him look so grown up.

After 5 months of gut-wrenching drop offs, he no longer cries every time I leave him at preschool.

He had an eye exam at the optometrist. Seems he inherited his dad's astigmatism. Looks like he'll need glasses- if not now, when he starts school.

And he got his first black eye. It broke my heart.

He's all boy, and I'm so glad he's mine.


Cristina Bras said...

What? Eye doctor, black eye?!?

Nana said...

Wonder what he will look like when I see him in 8 weeks, Maybe the curls will be back.

Robot Dad said...

I told you that "Wallaby Wrestling for Kids" class was a bad idea.

Mikki said...

Wait more info needed. How did he get the black eye?!

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