Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off to School

My darling daughter started school here yesterday. She was so excited to get in a routine and make new friends. Doesn't she look precious in her school uniform?

For lots of reasons we decided to send her to our local public school. She is in Year 1 (first grade) with 19 other charming boys and girls, one of whom is also a newly arrived American. Hooray for expats!

She came home thrilled after the first day. She loves her teacher and has already made lots of new friends. I am amazed at how quickly she is assimilating to the Aussie culture. She told me that they go to the "toilet" with a partner and then asked if she could get something from my "wardrobe". She now loves to use words like "carpark" and "lift" and corrects me when I say "garage" instead of "gar-age" (emphasis on gar). I think she'll fit right in.

I hope she doesn't forget how to say the Pledge of Allegiance.


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

My five year old is now correcting my pronunciation to the Aussie accent version-- it's crazy.

Jenny said...

Yes, and now she calls me "mum". It's kind of cute, I guess. I just wasn't expecting it to happen so fast!

Teresi Family Blog said...

Maybe it's because your daughter is older, but my son does not have an inkling of an Aussie accent. He spends more of his day with Aussies than Americans and after seven months I still can't hear anything. I keep thinking one day he'll come home, open his mouth and shock the heck out of me.

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