Friday, March 27, 2009

There's a First Time for Everything

Today was a day of firsts.

1. First time dropping the buddy off at the occasional childcare center. He LOVED it and can't wait to go back. I think this is such a great service. Every town should have one. You can leave your child there for a few hours so you can actually get something done! Hooray! Already have a booking for him for next week.

2. I made my first friend. She's another American mom from the primary school. She is very sweet and has a son just a bit older than mine. Now that we've been friends for 12 hours, do you think it's okay if I ask her to be the emergency contact on all that school paperwork?

3. First trip to the amazing Taronga Zoo. The above mentioned friend invited me. It was wonderful. Our boys ran around like, well, little boys- shrieking at the Goliath Walking Stick and staring intently at the huge Komodo Dragon.

We meandered down the hill marveling at the beautiful animals and stunning views. Then we took the free "Sky Safari" tram back up to the top of the zoo. And in true friendly Aussie fashion, the tram operator even loaded our prams into the cars for us. So nice!

I loved this zoo so much we went back later after school. That's when my daughter made a new friend. This kangaroo.

That's three new things to love about Australia today!


Monique said...

oh yes that zoo is AMAZING - I always love to go back!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I have a post just like this from last year-- we were completely awed by Taronga Zoo too. It's all about the yearly passes. We usually take the ferry there, ride the Skyride to the top, work our way down ending at the bottom and ferrying home.

Felicia said...

That sounds awesome. We're going there next week!
I'm glad you found a friend so soon! It makes settling in a lot easier!

MIchelle said...

Sounds like ya'll are settling in with ease! Fun times!

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