Thursday, March 5, 2009

What We're Leaving Behind- Part 1

These are some of the things we will miss when we move into our ultra-modern apartment on the beach in Australia.

Our home. We love this house. Its traditional "cape cod" style is uncommon here in Southern California (the land of stucco and red tile roofs). We've only lived here for a little over a year. We spent 3 months and a small fortune remodeling it. This house is a work in progress. Now all progress will be on hold for 2 years.

The playground and pool. Lots of outdoor fun in the warm California sun.

Setting up the playground was one of our first projects. My dad built the little playhouse in the back and my sweet husband shoveled all those wood chips.
That's my brother-in-law and niece splashing in the pool on their visit from Virginia last year.

Our dog, Riley. I think he knows we are leaving. He didn't even want to lift his head for this picture. But don't worry, he'll have a good home with Grandma and Gramps.

But the hardest things to leave behind are the people we love the most. More on them in Part 2.


Erin said...

Oh my god, Riley breaks my heart. I'm such a dog lover. Bring him!! He would have to stay in quarantine for up to 90 days but after that he'd be one cool, well-travelled dog! If you can't have dogs in your apt, he could always come live at my house!!

I do love your home in Califonia and I'm sure you'll look forward to going back home at the end of your time in Oz. :-)

Jenny said...

Yes, Riley breaks my heart too. I so wish we could bring him. Unfortunately he has a looooong list of serious health problems. He is no condition, physically, to make such a long trip. It is going to be tough not having him around. He is really the perfect dog. I love him!

Erin said...

I completely understand. We just lost our beloved Casey (seriously the best dog ever) back at the end of Novemeber and she too had a long list of serious health issues. My husband and I always said that we'd never be able to move as long as she was alive because we couldn't do it to her. So I can relate to your situation with Riley. But thankfully your time here is short-term and thankfully he has great care-givers in the meantime!

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