Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What We're Taking

Since our move is temporary, we're only taking our most beloved, can't-possibly-live-without-them possessions. Here's what we're taking:

The movers were here yesterday morning. It took them an hour to pack up our stuff like this:

And load it all up in the truck:

If all goes well, 39 boxes will be delivered to our apartment in Sydney in 2-3 weeks.
Last night when I tucked The Buddy in bed he said, in his sad little 2 year old voice, "Guy took my truck. Truck gone."
See you down under, truck. (I hope).


Erin said...

So cute! I'm sure the truck will be here ready and waiting for him! I've never had issues with my boxes not getting here. Thank god! Customs will probably open them all, riffle through your belongings, tape them back up and send them on to you. Quarantine and import is a big deal here, but I think "truck" will pass. :-)

Monique said...

All of our 30 some boxes made it in one piece (from London) - I hope yours do too (especially truck!!)
Good luck with the move!

Felicia said...

Awwww...precious baby. lol Imagine how thrilled he will be when he finally sees it again! I hope you guys have a safe trip!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

They are very good about getting stuff here-- especially International Priority Mail with USPS. For some reason whenever I get anything Fedex or UPS it takes forever, even when it was supposed to only take 3 or 4 days!
How long are you going to be in Australia?? We brought almost everything-- but we are here for about 4 years (or longer possibly).

Jenny said...

We have committed to 2 yrs down under and are planning to come home after that. The apartment we're renting is furnished so we're just bringing toys and clothes and a few sentimental things.

M said...

Oh, the truck comment from R made me cry..

Maybe I am just overtired, or it's because my little guy would miss his trucks, too.

Best wishes for safe and sane travels to the land down under!

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