Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Checking out the City

After touring homes we had one day to spend on our own in Sydney. During the day we walked the harbour (that's how they spell it!) bridge.

Here's the view of the Opera House from the bridge.

We saw these thrill seekers doing the Sydney Bridge Climb.

After crossing the bridge we grabbed a ferry at the Luna Park ferry station. Luna park is a little amusement park that can be seen from many locations in the city. It looks picturesque across the harbour.

But up close it is a little freaky! I think most American kids would be a little leery about walking through this giant toothy grin to enter the park.

The ferry ride back was lovely. Sure beats sitting in traffic on the 405! Here's the view from the ferry.

Later that night we were surprised to find ourselves in the middle of the Sydney Festival First Night. The streets were packed with twenty-somethings wearing ridiculously short dresses. I only wish I'd had enough gumption to take a couple photos! Seriously, the dresses worn by these girls would be sold as shirts in the US. It was certainly an interesting look into Sydney's nightlife.

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Erin said...

What a great time to move to Sydney! Sydney puts on some amazing festivals at all parts of the year. The dress sense here is seriously different to anywhere else I've ever lived. I love watching the drunk girls at the end of the night, trying to walk "gracefully" in their short skirts and crazy heels! Better them than me! And, isn't that bridge beautiful??? I say good morning to it everyday on my train ride to work. It is so beautiful!

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