Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Eat

Eating out in Australia is . . . interesting. I'm a bit of a picky eater in America, so adjusting to Australian food will be a challenge for me. I've decided to write a weekly restaurant review for my blog. Even if I don't enjoy eating the food I'm sure I'll enjoy writing about it.

Swagman's Post Courtyard Cafe
Location: The Rocks

This restaurant is in a great location in the heart of The Rocks. There is a large shady courtyard in the back surrounded by sandstone walls. They serve breakfast all day and that's what we ordered.

I chose scrambled eggs- well done with "brown" toast. I've never ordered scrambled eggs well done before but I have discovered that if I don't specify this the eggs will be served runny and half cooked. I also ordered an apple juice with ice. Again, if you don't ask for ice in your drinks you won't get it.

The service was good and the food arrived quickly. The eggs (although still undercooked IMO) were pretty standard breakfast fare. I was even willing to accept the slightly burned and over buttered heel of bread presented as toast. What really took me by surprise was the apple juice. I've never seen anything like it. It was opaque, with an inch (I mean 2.5cm) of frothy foam on top. I have no idea if there was ice in there or not as I could not see through this concoction. I guess it was fresh unfiltered juice- but not exactly what I had in mind.

Since I couldn't get excited about drinking thick juice I asked for water with ice. The waitress promptly came back and presented me with a glass of water. Floating on the top were the three smallest ice cubes I have ever seen. I had to laugh. Is ice expensive in Australia? Is there some conspiracy to prevent Americans from enjoying an ice cold drink? Why are they so stingy with the ice?

Bottom line on Swagman's Post: If you're looking for a no frills breakfast or lunch it's a good place to stop. I wouldn't bring out of town friends here, but I wouldn't cross it off the list either.


M said...


How was the vegemite? (sp)


The Gnu said...

the ice melts too quickly lol. it's easier just to have the drinks in the fridge. also it's some kind of health hazard i think so it's easier just not to have it.
from the Gnu

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