Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting There in Style

I've been reading for weeks about how universally loathed United Airlines is with people traveling from Sydney to LAX. People will go to great lengths to avoid United Airlines. Some will even choose to fly through Asia- adding umpteen hours to their trip as long as they don't have to set foot on a United plane.
All of this was quite disturbing to me because we fly United.
My sweet husband is one of those people who goes places. Frequently. He has racked up all kinds of status and privileges on United. He gets access to a special lines, lounges, and priority tags for his luggage.
So United has us locked up in golden handcuffs.
And just to make sure it stays that way they gave us complimentary first class upgrades for this trip.

It's really not fair to give someone a seat like this on her first flight to Australia. Fourteen hours in the air is nearly tolerable in a 6 ft 6 inch pod that lies completely flat. Unfortunately, my first trip down under in first class was also probably my last. But, I did enjoy it!


M said...

WOW! Traveling in style sure looks fun! I wonder what the flight with the kids will be like...

Cathi said...

I love flying. My husband works for American Airlines so I've had the chance to fly firstclass but not in the new pod seats. You look VERY comfortable!!

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