Saturday, January 24, 2009

G'Day Mate

It's time for the weekly restaurant review.

The G'Day Cafe
Location: The Rocks

The G'Day Cafe is a quick, inexpensive place to grab a bite to eat. There is a small outdoor patio in the back where pigeons love to hover and grab discarded chips (translation: french fries).

On each table is a large box of Kleenex. I guess facial tissues are an acceptable substitute for napkins here. Never mind that they stick to your skin and disintegrate when wet. It is made from paper and you can wipe your face with it, right?

The menu featured burgers and sandwiches so it seemed like a pretty safe place for a quick lunch. But things aren't always how they seem in Oz.

When the waitress finally arrived to take our order, I had a couple questions about the menu. The conversation went like this:

Me: "What kind of cheese is on the roast beef sandwich?"

Waitress responds with blank stare.

Me: "Is it cheddar or swiss?"
I thought if I presented the question in an easy to understand, multiple choice format I might be more likely to get a response from her.

Waitress: "It's just normal cheese."

At this point my man steps in to come to my rescue. He moves on to cheese colors.
Him: "Is it yellow or white cheese?"

Waitress, clearly exasperated by our complete lack of knowledge about basic normal cheese finally responded: "White cheese"

When the food arrived the roast beef did, in fact, have some variety of sweaty white cheese on it. It also had huge raw mushrooms on it, which was a bit surprising but not completely unappetizing.

We were also surprised to see that the burgers are topped not with tomatoes but with sliced beets. Interesting.

Overall, I would avoid the G'Day Cafe. I'd rather make my own sandwich with not so normal cheese and wipe my face with a real napkin, thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Asians use tissues as napkins. I guarantee this place is aimed solely at the Asian tourist market - which is also why your food was so crap.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

It's like tasty (aka Cheddar) is the only cheese they use here. Glad I found your blog on expat blogs!

Erin said...

Well I work right near The Rocks and I've never even heard of it, so I don't think you are missing much. There are some fantastic spots in The Rocks, clearly that wasn't one of them. Give the Argyle a shot, fancier, but beautiful old, historic building, modern Australian (mod-Oz) food. You'll like it! :-)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Erin and I will have to take you somewhere far better.

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