Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House Hunting

The main reason for our jaunt down under was to find a suitable place to live. To help us on this quest we were paired with a friendly and ultra-knowledgeable relocation agent. We spent two days peeling ourselves in and out of her 2 door Saab convertible looking at about 20 rental properties. The homes were gorgeous, the views world class, and the weekly rental prices sky high. But hey, we've got to live somewhere.

How would you like to wake up to this view of Balmoral Beach?

Or maybe take a bath here:

We also loved this one:

There are definitely worse places in the world to live. Stay tuned to see which one we get.


AKenney said...

Since I'll be coming to stay with you frequently (haha), my opinion is very important...and I say that bathroom rocks!

M said...

I get it! This is just like HOUSE HUNTERS!

LOL~ Michelle

Ann Green said...

Hi Jenny & Tom,

Wow, what a great adventure you all are embarking upon!!! We were hoping to see you when we were in LA last week then Tom's dad told us where you were! That's awesome to have this opportunity.

I vote for the beach view rental! Is that per/week prices?!?!?

Enjoy your time there...I'm glad United worked so well for you! Mike says "thank you for flying United"!

God bless,

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